Bayoo is the fourth Hero we rescue, during Magnus' aptly-named Rescue Bayoo! questline. Bayoo and his house are located in the Mossback Swamp, which is situated just south of the Flower Fairy Realm in the western portion of your kingdom.

Bayoo's House produces Clay, which is an essential element in the game, especially once you reach Level 30 and procure a Potter's workshop. Bayoo is also a quest-giver in CastleVille Legends. Below is a list of quests given by Bayoo. For a complete list of quests given by all characters, please see the Quests page.

Quests given by Bayoo:
Mystic Healing
Seeking the Swamp Mandala
Beautify the Land
Rescue the Pirate Girl
Spirit the Unicorn Quest

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