Basilisk Tear

Basilisk Tears are produced on an occasional basis by the Basilisk Lair. I say "on an occasional basis" because, like Pumpkins being produced by the Squash Patch, you are never guaranteed to get a Tear when you collect from the Basilisk Lair. Still, they seem to drop every 3-5 times I collect, so they're not too terribly rare. However, I once burned through 10 Quickspells trying to get ONE tear, and still came up empty handed, so this is no guarantee. Unfortunately, all this can mean that you wind up collecting a lot of Basilisk Scales while trying to gather Basilisk Tears.

As far as I know, the only use in CastleVille Legends for Basilisk Tears, is to make Ember Cleansers to help clear the land in Cinder Caldera. While this may eventually change, I hope they create more (and better-paying!) uses for all those leftover Basilisk Scales first!

Maximum sale price in sea trading:
1,080 royal coin

Myra's purchase price:
I don't think Myra Purchases these.

Market where Myra purchases them:
I don't think she does.

How many fit per slot on sea trading ship:

First available at level:

Recipes using this item:
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Gadget Shoppe
Ember Cleanser

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