The Apothecary is where you will craft all sorts of Elixirs. As a small bonus, it has a surprisingly low price for such a high-level building. Guess maybe the game developers of CastleVille Legends realized we'd need a break at this point in the game!

Available at level:

Purchase cost:
First: 20,000 royal coin, 30 crowns thereafter

Time to build after purchase:
12 hours

Maximum number per kingdom:

Recipes available in this building:
(click on a recipe name to learn its ingredients, crafting time, etc.)

A Fire Blossom Elixir
Fragrant Elixir
Purple Spangle Elixir
Mineral Elixir
Fragrant Mud Mask
Snapdragon Elixir
Red Hot Elixir
Snappy Carrot Elixir
Mandrake Elixir
Spirit Elixir
Mandrake Saffron Elixir

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