Alliances are one of the most exciting and helpful parts of gameplay in CastleVille Legends. Unlike the original CastleVille, where you were 100% on your own for completing all of your quests, alliances allow you to work together with a team of up to 50 other people to complete quests and challenges. And believe me, the higher you go in the game, the more you will need to be a member of a good alliance!

While you'll be able to trade in the Sea Trading market regardless of whether or not you join an alliance, it's just not the same without a team of helpful people powering that alliance tab of the market.

You can join an Alliance once you reach Level 10 and rebuild the Royal Embassy building.

I'll be honest; I don't have a lot of advice about finding a great Alliance to join. I got really lucky, in that I had a hardcore player in my friends list (whom I met through the original CastleVille game) that had created an alliance, so I joined that. It turned out to be an excellent group of people who are all very willing to help each other out.

That said, I CAN tell you what to look for, so that you know whether you've got a good alliance once you've joined. Do the folks in your alliance:

  • Chat regularly, particularly during the times when you'll be online playing the most?

  • Ask what others need?

  • Send notifications before or right after sending out ships?

  • Respond in a timely fashion to requests for Knights?

While these aren't the only things that are important in an Alliance, if you spend a couple of days in an alliance and don't see much or any of this happening, chances are you've joined a dud, and it's time to go looking for another alliance.

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