A Wing and a Flower

Rafael recovers quickly from his faux pas (and this quest follows the quest of that name) and tries once again to woo Yvette, this time with another dragon-themed gift; Dragonwing Flowers. This is the penultimate quest in Rafael and Yvette's tennis match of quests; it is followed immediately by Yvette's A Consolation Present quest.

Quest Requirements:
Plant 1 bed of Dragonwing Flowers
Harvest 4 Dragonwing Pods
Make 2 Dragonwing Torches

Quest Rewards:
3,000 XP

Michelle's note: This quest serves as our introduction to Dragonwing Torches. I dunno about you, but I found these insanely easy and fast to make, and for a long time they were my main "money crop" that I would produce to sell on boats. Admittedly, when you reach higher levels there are better things to make. But for something cheap to make in your spare time that brings a good profit, these torches are hard to beat.

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