A Thrill for Rill

Like Liang's Treasure Hunt quest, this quest is given immediately after completing the Rill the Wise Quest, although it's Rill himself giving the quest this time. Also like that quest, it is a rather complex quest, which will take quite a while to complete (unless you're receiving it when you already have access to all of these Places of Legend). The upside is that it has elements which can be completed in tandem with both the Treasure Hunt quest, and part 3 of Bayoo's Seeking the Swamp Mandala quest.

Once we complete this quest, we are not given any further quests automatically.

Quest Requirements:
Send Rill to the Elemental Nexus
Send Rill to the Kraken Cave
Send Rill to the Pirate Wreck

Quest Rewards:
2 Crowns

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