A Consolation Present

The final installment of what I like to call the ping-pong match of quests, Yvette tries to let Rafael down easy after the last-ditch effort of his A Wing and a Flower quest. Sorry Raf, she's just not that into you.

Quest Requirements:
Make 2 Dragonwing Potions

Quest Rewards:
1 Crown

Michelle's Note: making two dragonwing potions can satisfy not only this quest, but also a portion of the Perfecting Potions quest given around this time by Magnus. So try to time it so that these two quests are running concurrently! Once you've crafted those two potions, I recommend hanging on to them for a bit, despite the fact that Myra will undoubtedly try to buy them from you. Reason being, you will likely soon be starting Bluebelle's Asking the Oracle quest which will, once again, want you to make/have two Dragonwing Potions!

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